April 9th, 2018

Another day... another stranger's finger....

Today I met the colorectal surgeon, Dr. Bhattacharya. Nice guy, knowledgeable, small fingers. Ya gotta appreciate all the small things. Blink 182.

He said that they did not have the MRI results from yesterday yet, but he didn't seem concerned at all about the nodes on my lungs. Maybe they were just minions waiting for an opportunity to knock out some other bad guys. He did, however, say that the tumor inside was fully involved with the wall of the rectum, so that puts me at Stage 3. I guess the upside is it is not Stage 4, but then again, all the world's a stage. Rush.

Anywhos, after he looked me over, he (and the other two wise men) came back with the same diagnosis that the surgeon in Encino did: Chemo/Rad for 5 weeks, 2 weeks of healing, cut it all out, 6 months more chemo. This whole colostomy bag for life thing is really not getting it for me. I guess I have 7 weeks to think about it.

Pain meds aren't working as well as my lovely vicoprofen...stupid tylenol...lucky he gave me a bag full of 'em ;-)

Got a couple of new pairs of shorts and a Schoolhouse Rock tee from the french designer store....gotta love me some conjunction junction. Have a good weekend, all!