ichabod_crake (ichabod_crake) wrote,

Sitting and waiting....

So...yesterday and today are kind of down days. Nothing on the schedule, but nice to just sit and relax and try to find the spot where there is no pain. I have been reading Neil Asher's Dark Intelligence. If you like SciFi/Space Opera and have not read his stuff, you are what is considered today as a loser...just sayin'. His works are phenomenal. If you need some recommendations for getting into him, lemme know.

Tomorrow is gonna be the bomb...PET scan in the morning (8 am), meeting with the oncologist at 11, and then a scanning appointment with the radiologist at 1:30...this is the final test prior to starting the whole sequence. I think that Thursday is gonna be the first day of Chemo/Rad. Not really apprehensive, just ready to get rid of all the bleeding and pain. But this also means that the clock is ticking on my decision on whether or not to do surgery.

The doc says that I can still do the things that I want with a c-bag....I just don't know. The nice thing is that I get to drive to Chicago in a couple of weeks to go to the Chicago Open Air concerts. 3 days of freakin' shredding music set to blow my brains apart. Oh, and Dave, Alter Bridger is gonna be there...schweet!!!

Dinner with Josh last night was good, Thai in Marion, IL is limited but ok and I will be seeing Ma this weekend. Me and LilRkt are going to get intimate next week as I am replacing all of the suspension components and rear brakes...love working on her. She is the only place that I feel like home anymore...

Oh, and PS, here is the definition of irony....rectal cancer has given me hemorrhoids... ROFLMAO
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